Property Management for Landlords

As an investor, your time is valuable. Don't waste it managing your rental property. No Hidden Fees.


Surevestor ProtectionPlus

A dwelling policy is a type of insurance that covers risks to residential buildings. These policies are similar to homeowner's insurance but are used for properties that don't qualify for regular homeowner's insurance, such as rental or investment properties.

SureVestor Scheer Landlord Protection is an insurance product designed specifically for landlords. It offers coverage for a variety of situations that traditional insurance policies may not cover, and is designed to provide peace of mind to property owners and help protect their investment.

Liability Protection - Protecting against damage from fire, theft, vandalism, and tenant-related issues such as non-payment of rent or eviction-related costs. (Up to $35,000)

Liability Protection - Covering legal expenses and potential settlement costs arising from tenant injury claims or other property-related disputes. (Up to $5600)

Loss of Rent Coverage - Ensuring consistent income even during periods of vacancy or tenant default. (Up to 12 weeks)

Physical Damage - Damage caused by fire, bad weather or criminal activity

Liability Insurance - If someone is hurt while living at the rental property or visiting it. Helps to cover the cost of medical bills, legal fees or settlements.

Loss of Income - If your rental property is damaged by a covered loss, such as a fire or tornado, and the damage keeps you from renting it out, most policies will reimburse you for the income lost during that time.

General Liability - Covers third party lawsuits that occur on your rental property.

$300,000- $500,000 Coverage Limit

$1M Coverage Limit

Property Manager listed as Additional Insured -  While often overlooked out of convenience or misinformation, it is a very important element of an overall risk management strategy for the property management company and property owner.

Most companies can't or dont want to cover the Property Manager