Trending Property Management Topics

Candid Conversation Pets in Rental Properties

Should you allow pets in your rental property?

Protecting Your Vacant Rental Property During Winter

How to protect your vacant property during the Winter months, and how to avoid having a vacant property during this season.

Strategies for Spring Renewal Season

Today we're going to talk a little it more about the strategies for renewals coming up this spring.

Short Term vs Long Term Rentals

A discussion about the shift we are seeing from short-term rentals to long-term rentals in the market.

Fall 2023 Denver Rental Market Update

Now that we are in the fall season, there is defiantly some seasonality to our Denver market.

What Full Service Property Management Means

We discuss the benefits landlords have when hiring a property management company.

What is Surevestor Landlord Protection

Survestor Landlord Protection offers more than your normal insurance policy and is specifically designed for a rental home with tenants occupying the property.

Renting vs Selling

When deciding whether to rent or sell, there are a lot of factors to consider based on current market trends.

Department vs Portfolio Styles of Management

Learn why we believe there are significant advantages to the department style of property management.

Colorado Landlord Legislation

Understanding House Bill 1171 Just Cause Evictions and House Bill 1115 Rent Control

Both of these bills were successfully killed in the 2023 legislative year. However, the bill sponsors have indicated on both bills that they plan on bringing it back to session in 2024.

Understanding House Bill 23 1120 Eviction Protections for Residential Tenants

Find out if this bill effects your rental property.

Financial Protections for Applicants/Tenants

Learn how House Bill 23-1099 and Senate Bill 23-180 will affect the applicant screening process.

HB23 1068 Pet Ownership and Housing

The legislation is designed to balance the interests of tenants with pets and the rights of property owners.

2024 Legislative Update

We discuss some of the upcoming proposed legislation landlords should be aware of that affect rental property.

HB23 1095 Prohibiting the Inclusion of Certain Provisions in Written Rental Agreements

Learn more about what cannot be included in rental agreements.

Financial Protections for Applicants/Tenants

Learn how House Bill 23-1099 and Senate Bill 23-180 will affect the applicant screening process.

Landlord Tips

Market Trends Across Front Range Colorado

Learn about the characteristics that make a property highly-rentable in our market right now.

Pros of Short Term Leases

What are the pros of a short term lease?

Cons of a Month to Month Rental

Learn how month-to-month leasing can ultimately lead to uncertainty for you as a landlord.

Are We in a Recession?

How the perception of a recession is effecting our rental market.

Top 7 Trends for the Rental Market this Year

Learn what the top trends for our market are this year.

What are the Benefits of Renting Out Your Property?

Sometimes landlords aren't sure if renting out a property is right for them.

Can We Evict Your Previous Tenant?

If you were to hire our property management company, could we evict your tenant right now?

Are You Shopping Around?

You need to select the property management company that is right for you.

How Often Should I Expect to Hear From You?

Our goal is to reach out to you with important milestones and higher level issues.

Do I Have 1 Point of Contact?

With our team you actually have a dedicated team of specialists.

Competitors are Cheaper?

A company's fees are a really good indicator of what level of service you can expect.

Considering Self Managing?

So, you considering self managing,. Well there's a few important factors for you to consider.

When Should You Sell?

It's hard to predict exactly when home prices will start turning more towards a buyer's market.

Major Benefits to Renting Out the Property?

How Bad Could the Next Recession Be?

How should I price my house?

Learn how these two types of insurance policies differ.

How Much Do You Charge?

Learn more about our pricing structure for property management.

Landlord Insurance

What is the Difference Between Homeowners Insurance and Landlord Insurance?

Learn how these two policies are different.

What is Landlord Insurance?

It is essential for landlords to carefully consider all the options available for protecting their rental property and their income which will almost certainly require a different kind of insurance than a typical homeowner's policy.

What Does a Landlord Insurance Policy Cover

Learn what a landlord insurance policy covers for your rental property.

Is There a Difference in Price Between Homeowners Insurance and Landlord Insurance?

Should I get Landlord Insurance?

Learn why you should get landlord insurance.

Why Does a Landlord Need Insurance?

Learn why you would need landlord insurance.

Is Landlord Insurance Tax Deductable?

How much is tax deductible?

What Does a Landlord Insurance Policy Cover?

What is the difference between homeowners insurance and landlord insurance?

Property Management Maintenance & Accounting

Can I Do My Own Maintenance?

Fence Laws in Colorado

It's important to understand fence law to avoid neighbor disputes.

The 3 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies in Rental Properties (Spanish)

6 Home Improvements That Will Raise the Value of Your Home

My Tenant is Leaving Before the Lease is up and Refused to Give Me the House Keys

Should You Furnish Your Rental Property

Can You Pick Your Own Vendors?

Some landlords wonder if they can pick their own vendors when working with a professional property management company