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Testimonial - Property Owner 15 years with us, owns multiple properties and could not do it without our help

New Owner Testimonial - she liked our processes and procedures, and was impressed with our team

Testimonial - Property Owner 15 years with us, owns multiple properties and could not do it without our help

Property Owner who is happy with his residents, and our team for managing his property

Property Owner  of multiple properties recommends Colorado Realty and Property Management, Inc

Property Owner who says that we take good care of his rental property

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New Resident who felt that we cared about him and found our processes to be effective

Resident for 11 years says that we are quick to sort out any maintenance issues

Resident who applied for one of our properties and thought we had great communication, and we speak Spanish

11 Year Resident says she really likes working with us

A happy resident for 10 years who likes that we regularly come over and inspect properties

Residents who had a great move in experience

Resident Testimonial that Colorado Realty and Property Management takes care of her needs

A happy resident who just had his 100 day inspection

Resident for 7 years who likes using our rental portal

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Great news. I am pleased to hear that the condo rented right away at an increased and also fair rent. I'm also really enjoying the relationship with Colorado Realty and Property Management, particularly the precision and focus you bring to this business, Thank you for your hard work."
-John G. Owner Aurora, CO

I have to say that my experience with Colorado Realty & Property Management has been "REAL, PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL and EFFECTIVE". This firm is focused on doing the right thing in an effective and efficient, timely manner. The staff truly gets to know their customers and are concerned about the well-being and the rights of the property owner and of their renters. I would refer them in a heartbeat."
-Debbie C. Owner Arvada, CO

You are so quick!!! I really appreciate your help with this, I am so appreciative of your service."
-Rebecca B. Tenant Aurora, CO

As I am dealing with the transition in tenants, or at least by half of it, I am realizing how much time and work it takes to manage a rental house! I think you guys are awesome and will be well worth the management fee, you have saved us by keeping our house from sitting empty with no tenant. We are so thankful you were able to get a higher rental rate then we had in years past and so retain tenants so quickly. It has saved us personal stress and worry. Thank you!"
- Purity B. Owner Thornton, CO

You all are the best, I am recommending a few of my friends to rent from you company."
-Bimla S. Tenant Boulder, CO

Thank you all for your help with managing my property in Denver. Rarely have so many worked for so hard for so little. I appreciate each of you working hard and doing such a good job for us."
-Tom E. Owner Denver, CO

Let me say it has been a pleasure dealing with you on my property. You are cordial and professional."
-Tim K. Owner Denver, CO

Thank you for the wonderful service you and the gourp at CRPM has provided to my wife and I with the marketing and leasing of our property in Broomfield."
- Mark C. Owner Broomfield, CO

Thank you! And by the way you and the others involved in the property management have made my life so much easier with all the good work you do, and all the work I don't have to do. Thank you so much!"
- Diana T. Tenant Westminster, CO

Funny, you don't LOOK like Santa Clause, but the team just MADE our Christmas! Thanks so much for all your fine work. Really excited to be working with you and look forward to a happy prosperous New Year!"
- Jim L. Owner Aurora, CO

Yet another reason we like CRPM managing for us. The letter on sewer coverage is a great display on the pro activity of your company..."
- Guy D. Owner Denver, CO

Thanks for all you do. You are wonderful!"
- Rich C. Owner Wheat Ridge, CO

Thank you for always taking the time to help me and explain any questions I may have."
- Deanna T. Tenant Denver, CO

You are so wonderful, you always have everything covered!"
- Sheila L. Owner Denver, CO

Thank you for all your help!! Most professional property management company in the area by far!"
- Randy F. Owner Aurora, CO

They are knowledgeable professionals who look out for our best interests. They find the right tenant and are available at all times and answer questions promptly. I recommend to anyone who is looking for a property manager."
- Brad S. Owner Erie,CO