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Past Newsletters\

March 2016: What If Your Tenant Calls?
February 2016: Plan Spring/Summer Maintenance of Your Rental Home
January 2016: Taking Steps to Maximize the Way Your Property Shows
December 2015: Twelve Proactive Resolutions For Investors
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March 2015: What is Useful Life and Why is it Important?
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December 2014: Twelve Practical Steps to Protect Your Investment
November 2014: Renting and the Holidays
October 2014: Avoiding Court
September 2014: Important Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent
August 2014: Repairing or Replacing Flooring
Lyle Haas Achieves Prestigious National Designation
July 2014: The Challenges ofSecurity Deposit Returns
June 2014: Property Management Takes Teamwork
May 2014: Does Your Property Need a Tune Up?
April 2014: Preventing Fires
March 2014: The Right To Enter
February 2014: Why Use a Licensed Contractor for Your Rental Property
January 2014: It's Cleaner Than When I Found It
December 2013: Why Should You Organize Your Taxes Now?
November 2013: When it Rains it POURS!
October 2013: Family or Friends as Tenants
September 2013: Risk Management - Habitability
August 2013: Selling A Property With A Tenant
July 2013: Handling Emergencies & Disasters
June 2013: Vacancy Checklist For Investors
May 2013: Never Stop Learning
April 2013: Take The Fair Housing Quiz